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Article original appeared at RantFinance.com in December of 2012. Website ceased to exist in January 2013

Senator Jim DeMint’s decision to resign his Senate seat Thursday came as a shock to many.  Where Senator Jim DeMint is headed, though, is likely a far more pleasant place. He will be replacing the current president of the Heritage Foundation, Ed Feulner, who is moving to a chancellor position within the Heritage Foundation.

Senator Jim DeMint has truly fought the good fight in the Senate, holding fast to his Christian values as much as possible.  A few of his recent efforts include: fighting for fiscal responsibility in Washington; boldly speaking out on the dangers of America’s credit crisis; attempting to defund the liberal agenda behind national public radio; fighting against government regulation of the internet; fighting to delay the Russian favored arms reduction treaty (START) from passing during a lame duck session until forced to relent.

Senator Jim DeMint has also written a book entitled Saving Freedom, in which he boldly states, “The connection between God, the Bible, Christianity, virtue, law, individual responsibility, and freedom were unquestioned by those who shaped America’s founding,” and “Sadly, these things have fallen away as America’s citizens, both Christians and non-Christians, have taken the gift of freedom and God’s divine blessings and favor for granted.”

Senator Jim DeMint was interviewed by Rush Limbaugh on Thursday, and when asked why he was leaving Washington and heading for the Heritage Foundation at this particular time, Jim DeMint explained that the Heritage Foundation has impacted him greatly over the years, to the point that its influence in his life has even directed decisions that he has made in relation to legislation. He sees it as a way to give back. At the same time, since he has had a hand in recruiting people such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, he feels that he has left the senate better than he’s found it, and that he can actually offer more support to conservative Senate and House members in his new position, as well as influence the American people in a more significantly positive way by making this move to become the next president of the Heritage Foundation.

Senator Jim DeMint is looking forward to being able to become the president of the Heritage Foundation and use that influence to impact the Senate, House and American people in a fresh way.


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Article originally appeared at Examiner.com in December of 2010.

Brookville, IN – Historic Brookville has been around since the early 1800s.  Placards stand on either side of the downtown courthouse entrance in commemoration of  the small but determined city’s existence.  One briefly notes the history of the courthouse and the other highlights Brookville as “…an important entry point to interior lands opened to settlement…”

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